SAMSA G. TUCHWAREN is a one-brand-shop entirely dedicated to CAROL CHRISTIAN POELL MALE and FE-MALE collections.

Far away from the bustle of the city and its indistinguishable shopping districts, SAMSA G. TUCHWAREN serves as a connecting bridge between the customer and the world of CAROL CHRISTIAN POELL.

It is a project borne by dedication to values, for the customers sharing our love and passion for the brand: a place of dreams, discovery & exploration.


We value visits to our space by every client and guest. The discovery and selection of garments can be a very subtle and personal endeavour, so that in our opinion, any related service or assistance is best achieved at a personal level and through a personal relation.

In order to guarantee your discretion during your visit and shopping experience, to facilitate personal service, as well as to enable our small team to focus its full attention on a single client at a time, the access to SAMSA G. TUCHWAREN is arranged by appointment only. We would like to ensure you a visit in a very relaxed atmosphere, with all the needed time put at your disposal.

To arrange an appointment, please feel free to contact us by mail or phone we will be glad to get back to you personally and promptly.

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SAMSA G. TUCHWAREN is a space in MUNICH for temporary and changing art exhibition – as well as a permanent mono-brand store for CAROL CHRISTIAN POELL MALE garments. Besides being a famous holiday, business or leisure destination, the Bavarian capital is also home of choice to SAMSA G. TUCHWAREN. We are located on the city’s western outskirts, in the district of Neuaubing, which marks the transition between the last urban constructions and the beginning of the surrounding rural areas.

The Neuaubing district developed strongly with the industrialisation in the first half of past century and has been home for a long period of time to heavy industry such as steel or chemicals. Our space is located within one of these ancient industrial sites, the ‘Schlafwagenfabrik’. Until the middle of the Nineties, this factory was responsible for the repair and restoration of railway sleeping cars. Today, the mostly unchanged site is put to a different use, so that we find ourselves nestled right in the middle of a flea- and antique market and furthermore some automobile garages.

Within the Schlafwagenfabrik site, the boiler room, once delivering electricity and steam to the entire factory, is now our found home and exhibition space. To find us within the site, simply follow your way to the large chimney, which is protruding from the interior of our space.



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